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..........Then (Billtop Training and Business Solutions-BTBS)

BTBS started functioning with its main office in South Africa covering mainly African countries. Few years back, when BTBS appeared in the development business as a consulting and training company, it remained focused mainly on provision of first class business intelligence through innovative, competitive and solution driven consultancy, workshops, conferences, seminars and in-house trainings for the institutions, organizations, agencies and CSOs in South Africa.

With an initial focus in South Africa and countries in Eastern and Western Africa, BTBS has since expanded its geographical remit to include the Central and East Asia, ACP countries, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). 

……..now (Billtop Consulting International-BTCI

BTBS has grown into BTCI Financed by the European Union (EU), World Bank (WB), as well as other International Financial Institutions, BTCI manages a wide range of project portfolio mainly through like-minded organizations, and consortium partner organizations, comprising primarily projects in the fields of Education, Health, Economics, Institution Building and Good Governance. BTCIs’ permanent in-house staff comprises national and international individuals with in-depth public sector knowledge, extensive project management and field expertise, dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for the client through the delivery of quality driven projects drawing upon international best practices and local experience.

BTCI is in the process of establishing its new branch office in Europe-Italy to take care of its activities in Europe, MENA and ACP countries. The company builds on its experience (through international experts, researchers and development practitioners), gained during the post-conflict situation in the fragile states of Asia and Africa. BTCI brings with it  a long and proven track record of carrying out projects in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) as well.

Our ambition

BTCI aims to become the Public Sector Consultancy of first choice in Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia specializing in economic development, institution building and good governance, with a reputation that is second to none in terms of its quality-driven, client-focused, results-oriented and locally tailored solutions, upholding a track record in project management that needs no introduction.

Our approach

BTCI’S approach to achieving its vision is three-fold. 
Whilst deepening our presence in established markets we are expanding our geographical outreach to countries that are facing development challenges within the areas of expertise we are most proficient, in order to build on and concretize our existing experiences and provide added value where it is most needed We are moving gradually into new sectors where we can apply our reasoned and sound experience and project management expertise to situations similar to those we have already encountered to add new dimensions to our portfolio and broaden our project horizons.

Our results

Finally, from these experiences and those with which we are already familiar, we have developed a comprehensive feedback mechanism that is cyclical in nature and is both internal and external to BTCI, encompassing every aspect of the project management cycle. Based on feedback provided to BTCI externally as well as through internal reviews, an internal management committee works to find the best means to approaching every aspect of the project, from as early on as the tendering process right through implementation of the project to project completion inclusive of comprehensive exit strategies, ensuring consistency and professionalism, to provide a complete and integrated service package. This process of ongoing development and improvement guides all project managers in their day-to-day approach to work and ensures that Billtop Consulting International is constantly dedicated to delivering the best possible outcome thus proving our dedication to perform.