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Our role in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

During the United Nations Millennium Summit in September 2000, a set of goals were agreed upon and  which would commit all actors to work together to achieve them. With the overall objective of ending poverty and halving the number of the world’s poor by 2015, nearly 190 countries have subsequently signed up to the 8 goals. In response to the main development challenges currently faced by the global community and to civil society calls for action, the MDGs promote poverty reduction, education, maternal health, gender equality, and aim to combat child mortality, AIDS and other diseases.

For the private sector, the MDGs provide a useful framework in which to demonstrate the benefits of business activities to society. BTBS is in a unique position as a private sector company, in that either directly or indirectly, every aspect of its work contributes to working towards or helping others to achieve the MDGs, either from the perspective of its work in partnership with the donor community in providing development assistance, or from the perspective of providing support to governments in transition and developing economies in the achievement of their objectives.

Our work, whether it entails helping countries to develop, integrate and implement workable poverty reduction strategies through improved policy and financial management functions, to achieve growth and competitiveness through improved infrastructure, access to training and education or finding ways to improve the income earning capacity of the population through targeted policies and capacity building activities, or whether reducing vulnerability through quality, affordable healthcare, social protection or, through the promotion of human rights, information dissemination and awareness raising activities, demonstrates the benefits of our public sector consultancy activities to society, and our contribution to the attainment of the MDGs.


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  • Institution Building and Good Governance
  • Sectoral Policies