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At Billtop Training we understand that organisations are different. We know that each organisation has its own challenges, goals and objectives. For this reason all our training projects are flexible and commence with an in-depth assessment of each client’s specific needs and profile.
Only once we have this in-depth understanding of your organisation’s aims, values, culture, people and challenges do we put together a programme that is customized to meet your specific requirements.
Our programmes work because we bring learning to life by introducing role-plays, case studies and exercises that are pertinent to your specific work environment. All materials used are outcome or results based. In other words they make certain that knowledge, skills and application within the work environment is achieved, ensuring competence, performance and increased productivity.
Another factor contributing to the success of our programmes is that we employ the services of motivated, professional and accredited facilitators. These facilitators do their utmost to create a fun and exciting learning atmosphere.


An environmental pre-workshop assessment
Prior to the commencement of training or consulting project, Billtop Training consultants / facilitators spend time with the client’s project team to ensure that the following is achieved:
» Familiarisation with the environment, mission and vision of the organisation
» Understand the nature of the staff, supervisors’ and managers’ jobs in relation to the contact centre, customer service, sales and leadership requirements of the organisation
» Understand and relate to the different types of customers
» Gain credibility with the staff


» Modular
» Flexible and customised
» A practical implementation focus
» Competency assessment: knowledge, skills and on-the-job application
All modules are outcomes-based with “real live” practical application built in during the training sessions.
The participants’ current job specifications, as well as the required sales and service levels are taken into account when measuring their behavioural skills throughout the workshop.
Coaching and feedback is provided and the behavioural skills assessment process is handed over to the client’s coaches / supervisors /trainers to ensure on-going reinforcement and implementation of the skills provided during the workshops.

Where, When and How?
While assessments and climate surveys/audits are conducted at your premises, training, on the other hand, can take place at a venue of your choice. We will tailor our services to meet your requirement and ensure a minimum amount of disruption to your organisation’s productivity levels.

In order to evaluate the successful implementation of training programmes, we subscribe to the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation: